Monday, June 20, 2016


Racing Rivals isn’t exactly the easiest game to play. Many like to argue that playing it is much like playing at a casino. Sometimes you’ll win very big, other times you’ll lose tremendously. It’s really up to you how you perceive Racing Rivals and what you do in-game. Before I explain the top five reasons why it’s easy to cheat on Racing Rivals, let me explain something first. Although some might not want to accept it, a majority of the people who play Racing Rivals cheat. It’s a well known fact, something that cannot be disproved or avoided. More so, if you’re not cheating yourself, not only are you not getting ahead, your chances of ever getting ahead are drastically decreased. So without further rambling, here’s my top five reason as to why I personally believe it’s easy to cheat on Racing Rivals.

#1: There’s so many tools both online and in-game.
Yeah, you heard me right. There’s tools available both online AND in-game. In case you don’t know what I’m referring to, I’m talking about modifying game data locally to get an unfair advantage. For instance, I’ve been using a launch hack for years now – it has significantly helped me in launching my cars from the starting line both efficiently and better than the competition. The best part about this is, a caveman could do it. Just search a “launch hack” tutorial on YouTube. (We’ll be making a tutorial real soon)

#2: Only a small percentage of people actually get in trouble.
The chances of you being moderated on Racing Rivals is just as good as the chance you’ll get laid as a woman in a gay bar – it’s not going to happen anytime soon. Although a majority of people claim to have been banned on Racing Rivals for breaching their terms of use, only a small majority of these “victims” can back up their stories with hard/factual evidence.

#3: Everybody is doing it, why shouldn’t you?
For those that have issues confronting the morality flaws in cheating, think of the cold hard facts first. Actually, how about I explain it all for you?
You know that one troll you always see in every lobby that constantly beats everybody and laughs about losing their “prized possession”. Get this, they could care less. And the reason why is, they hacked the item and could easily obtain a new one within a matter of minutes.
#4 Most cheats and hacks are automated. You don’t need to be a whiz kid to get it running.
Sure, it takes a little bit of moxy and strength to hack your Racing Rivals account, but in no way would you have to be a computer genius to get started. In as little as five minutes, you too could hack your racing rivals account using our racing rivals hack.

#5: No setup procedure
Don’t you just absolutely HATE when you’re forced to set something up that you’re hesitant in doing? Well, with most current racing rivals hacks like the one we have, there’a no complicated setup procedure. Just clear and cut questions related to your account, as well ass the resources you require.

With how absolutely easy it is to hack racing rivals, you’d think people would be less hesitant/afraid. All I can say is – more for me.


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