Monday, June 20, 2016


There’s been many times in my gaming endeavors on Racing Rivals where I’ve quickly (and stupidly) decided that if I wanted to make any good amounts of RRC, I would have to pink off some of my best cars. So that when a player slips up like I usually do in a race, I’ll win his/her car. All of this sounds so much better on paper than it actually is applying. In fact, it sounded so very good I took the liberty to make the jump and pink off my Peugeot ONYX concept, which not only had rare wheels but was also fully modified. I cannot tell you the amount of hours that went into playing Racing Rivals to earn just that one vehicle, let alone the mods that went into it. If I could compare that vehicle to anything on this earth, I would have to compare it to a baby. I know, I know, I shouldn’t be comparing a game item that anybody can obtain to something that’s precious and irreplaceable. But for the time that I had invested to obtain this car and everything I had done to it, I could’ve probably had a child… Or two. (Not really making things better)
STILL, I decided it’d be a REAL smart idea to pink it off, even though I had next to no clue how to launch it properly, what RPM’s I should shift at to get the most efficient launch or what kind of opponents I’d be going up against  in this vehicle. All I thought was how easy it would be – kinda like taking candy from the baby. Except, I wasn’t taking any candy from anybody… I was the helpless infant in this story.
I lined my car up and waited for the countdown to get the perfect launch. Unfortunately, because I didn’t have any good experience launching the extremely powerful Peugeot Onyx, I spin the tires right off the line and lost so much time because of it. It really didn’t help that I was racing up against an opponent that was twice, if not three times more quick than my poor little onyx. By the time I was halfway down the track my opponent had won the race. I cannot tell you how badly I wanted to toss my phone across the room.
Sometimes, I think that this event in itself might had been one of the main motivations to create this website. Because there are many out there on Racing Rivals that use spin glitches and instantly traction hacks – which I find MUCH more unethical than hacking Racing Rivals. You can take a mans unlimited virtual currency away, but when you take a mans vehicle away – you’re stepping into territory you might want to back out of.
Racing Rivals Classified might had been one of the greatest projects I’ve ever built. But I couldn’t take all the credit for myself, we built this website as a team and hoped to reap the benefits by ourselves. If it weren’t for our amazingly responsive community =, I don’t think this would’ve ever gone public.
OKAY, sorry for the random rant there. Bottom line of this post: DO NOT PINK YOUR CAR OFF IF YOU’RE NOT USING OUR HACKS. Otherwise, you might regret it like I did for many years…


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